Certified Courses in Digital Marketing

On this page we have compiled a list of free and paid certified digital marketing courses to launch your career in digital marketing. The courses are taught by the world’s leading universities, businesses and institutes, who share their insights and knowledge for aspiring digital marketers. The list below includes short courses that you can complete in less than a week and in-depth learning opportunities that take several months to complete. All courses below went through rigorous quality assurance checks by course providers, universities, businesses and other entities.

Introduction to Social Media Marketing (Facebook)

Facebook is offering a professional certificate in social media marketing to help young professionals start their career in digital marketing. The opportunity consists of 4 online courses that are self-paced and taught in English. It takes roughly five months to earn the certificate. In this course you will build job-ready skills including to create and analyze effective advertising campaigns, working with the Facebook Ads Manager and establishing, managing and growing a social media presence. While the individual courses of this professional certificate can be audited for free, you can opt-in to purchase a verified professional certificate for an extra fee. To be eligible for the professional certificate you need to pass all requirements and assessments.