Paid Digital Marketing Internships

Want to kick-start a digital marketing career? You can jump ahead and maybe even launch your career early by starting an internship with an amazing company. The US government states that the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy, leading to a 900,000 job gap.

Digital marketing internships are tough. With so much technology out there, those who get ahead are the ones who push themselves to learn and be curious about the latest tactics in getting traffic, going viral, or just plain getting some more views on your videos.

Big brands want more than that. Internships will test your capacity to learn new skills and develop incredible digital marketing campaigns that vie for audiences on all kinds of channels. This is not just about Instagram, but a whole world of marketing and advertising that can make or break a business.

Are you ready for the commitment?

Where to Find Digital Marketing Paid Internships

There are a few companies that regularly offer digital marketing internships. However, there are a variety of disciplines within this field. You can find internships at the following companies:





BlueCross BlueShield




NBC Universal



These companies expect you to have some gumption and look for candidates that already have some marketing knowledge under their belt.

Remember how we said that internships have different disciplines? These are some of the internship titles that fall under digital marketing:

Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Analyst

Data Analyst

Email Marketing Specialist

Sales and Marketing

Sales Coordinator

Web Developer

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Research

International Marketing

Loyalty Program

Audience Segmentation

PPC Analyst

SEM Analyst

Web Design and Media

Video Marketing

Content Marketing

User Experience

In addition, you should look at internships that give you a lot of opportunity to move forward with your career and get a leg-up in the industry.

Most internships break down into paid and unpaid, but with digital marketing, you may want to pick a narrow avenue that appeals to your interests. For example, perhaps you really love creating and marketing viral media through live channels like Instagram and Snapchat. If you are a traditional digital marketing nerd, then you may want to learn about PPC, SEM, and Google Analytics.

The best internships will offer a lot of experience in every channel. Beyond paid and unpaid, here is a few things to look for in a digital marketing internship.

Specific Channels

What specific channels will you be learning about? Is the application open-ended enough that you get into multiple disciplines? Most internship applications are written up quickly. The good ones will have a solid list of responsibilities that go beyond getting coffee or managing the company’s Facebook account. You should have a list of responsibilities that will teach you something about digital marketing so you are not just sitting in a corner during meetings. You should have the opportunity to make a real difference with your ideas.

Hourly Rate

Unpaid internships are a thing for college kids of the past. Paid internships are necessary in digital marketing. The duties and responsibilities of a digital marketer go beyond your typical work day. You may be tracking comments and social mentions overnight in some cases, or you could be planning a huge campaign for your department to present to a client that takes all night to finish. If you can, get an hourly rate above $10. If the company has significant presence and promises to give you a crash course in everything digital marketing, then consider going unpaid for a few hours per week–but not every day.

Brand and Industry

Before considering an internship, look at some of the brand’s previous advertising and messaging online. Does it look like the brand knows what it’s doing? Does the agency have a lot of clients who are happy with the services? While this may be secondary to actually getting an internship, you want to make sure that you are learning great tactics. There are companies out there that are not using the latest and greatest methodologies.

Then again, you may want to work with a brand that appeals to your marketing sensibilities. Beauty marketing is completely different from automobile marketing messages and channels. There are different directories, social concepts, and campaign funnels that will change depending on the brand’s industry.

Position Supervisor

Who do you report to? Internships work best when you are able to have some access to people who make decisions and ultimately guide you through digital marketing concepts and campaigns. As much as internships are about what you make of them, you also want leaders who will make you be hands-on and jump in from time-to-time. This is how you learn how to execute integrated digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Internships We Love

The following list of marketing internships have all the right things. The descriptions are thoughtful, the pay is pretty great, and the brands really have awesome potential for someone who wants to learn about digital marketing. You can be the fresh blood that changes things up and makes a difference.

Nike Marketing Internship

Nike is a leader in athletic gear and fashion, so you know that they are looking for top qualifying candidates to work with them to deliver amazing, creative campaigns. Nike also has a few different brands under its belt including Nike original, Converse, and Hurley.

Currently Nike has internships in Oregon, New York, and Colorado for sales and marketing. You can find all of their internships online at Most internships are paid and start at $13/hour.

Nike does require certain qualifications including a graduate degree in business or marketing for some positions. You can find all of the qualifications on their careers website.

Lionsgate Marketing Internship

Lionsgate is a leading film production company that has helped create some of the best films in recent years including The Hunger Games series, Twilight saga, Saw, Kick-Ass, and Hostel.

Internships for digital marketing range from public relations to social media to web development for marketing. Lionsgate has several film brands, so you may be working on projects for Codeblack Films or Pantelion Films. Internships have the upside of a great location in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Hollywood.

Interns have a lot of flexibility with LionsGate. While all internships are paid, you must be in school in order to accept some of the opportunities. You can visit LionsGate internships on a number of different websites or visit their careers page.


Yamaha has a few opportunities each year for marketing interns to apply to their Buena Park, California office. You must be a student in order to accept this paid internship, which pays out up to $34,000 a year.

Internships at Yamaha are intense. You learn an incredible amount of marketing initiatives and what it takes to achieve those campaigns. You will learn about social media management, A/B testing, viral video content creation, online advertising, display, and UX development.


Google is always looking for internships in a number of marketing departments. From marketing analyst internships to traditional digital marketing internships, you will find a lot of opportunities available every month listed under different products, such as BOLD.

Most internships are for students who are in their summer semester for BOLD, but you can find all of these internships on the Student Google Careers page or Business Internships page.


VICE US has plenty of opportunities for creative marketing types who want to work in a company that is practically run by young people. All of the content is fresh, and that’s part of VICE’s appeal for an internship.

Most of the internships are for audience development. You must be a student in Spring or Semester to accept the internship position. The opportunity includes assisting in social media management, generating and sculpting copy for VICE online, create different social posts, and launch different social media campaigns.

The internship pays $11 an hour, but there are a lot of opportunities to keep working with VICE beyond the internship. This is a growing network under the HBO brand that is almost exclusively run by a millennial generation of artists and journalists.


Gradmor offers an internship each year for a marketing analyst. If you love the idea of learning about funnels, conversion rates, click-through rates, and audience types, then you will love playing with data in the Gradmor internship.

This role takes you through digital ads campaigns, marketing research, data analysis, and reporting. These are all tasks that will come in handy to working at a larger corporation and earning big dollars as a director someday as you learn about how data works and how it affects marketing projections.

Gradmor offers up to $33,000 per year for the right marketing analyst intern.

Live Nation

Love music and concerts? Live Nation is one of the historical brands, almost synonymous with concert-going. The marketing internship promises to teach you all aspects of digital marketing, starting with how people engage to how they purchase tickets online.

This is definitely a great internship for someone who wants to learn ecommerce with an online retailer. However, this platform is very different from most ecommerce platforms. You will likely learn about different purchasing funnels from online channels and what ad networks work best, while drilling down into tons of audience data.

Live Nation is offering this internship currently as unpaid for students who are enrolled in a university.


Located in Maryland, Vectorworks is a popular CAD design software that virtual artists use today. This internship is one of many offered for marketing roles at the company. If you have a passion for business and marketing, then this is an opportunity to work among designers, product marketers, production artists, and lots of other creative types who will push you to think in comprehensive ways.

Your duties will include email promotion marketing, social campaigns, social management, day-to-day marketing activities, and assist in lead generation.

Anyone can apply for this internship, but if you are in college, Vectorworks prefers students to be in their junior year with somewhat of a background in marketing as well as a GPA above 3.0. This internship pays up to $51,000 per year.


The social network that started it all. Facebook offers internships throughout the year in all marketing fields. You can find yourself working on the UX and marketing new products or analyzing data across Facebook’s different channels, such as Instagram. You may also be on the cutting edge of new social technology.

Most of Facebook’s marketing internships are paid and located in Silicon Valley. You will be working among some of the top developers, designers, and tech analysts.

Truth Initiative

Want to work in Washington? The Truth Initiative has been on everyone’s televisions and radios for the past decade. Truth Initiative wants to help people quit smoking. As part of that, they put out incredible marketing campaigns that are creative and touching in a variety of ways.

Truth offers this internship for up to $46,00 per year for the right person. The length of the internship is typically for one semester.

NBC Universal

NBC Universal is a mega conglomerate in the media, TV, film, and theme park industries. There are a lot of avenues that you can pursue with NBC. The company offers different marketing and sales internships regularly from Orlando, Florida and Los Angeles, California offices.

In these internships, you work with marketing teams on client sales funnels, marketing campaigns, client partnerships, and network partnerships. You also analyze audience data and look for ways to reach new people across online channels.

This internship pays up to $71,000 a year for the right candidate.


You can imagine yourself pursuing a marketing career in New York with this internship from Mashable. Mashable is a leading content creator that is looking for a marketing intern who really wants to grow and learn about social media platforms.

You will be responsible for analyzing data from Google Analytics, Omniture, and Facebook insights as well as motivating yourself to go beyond the role and come up with new opportunities for the Mashable brand.

All Mashable internships are paid. Some internships pay up to $46,000 a year.

BlueCross BlueShield of WNY

Health insurance is one of the four major online industries. Everyone purchases insurance policies online, and they are switching companies all of the team. BlueCross BlueShield has several internships from their Buffalo, New York office.

Primary duties include daily content updates to digital channels, keyword research, compile reports, Google Analytics, and email promotions.

This internship offers up to $30,000 a year.


Are you a news junkie? If you are in a journalism college program or love media, working for Tegna might be a great option. This company is all about the strength in content. Students need to be able to demonstrate a passion for storytelling, strong writing, and organization skills in a fast-paced environment.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, you will be working alongside writers, content creators, reporters, and marketing teams to launch incredible content across a number of channels.

This internship offers up to $30,000 a year for the right candidate.

Finish Line

The sports athletic brand is looking for new ways to take its brand viral online, and you could be just the right marketing intern to help them do that. There are a variety of marketing internship opportunities at Finish Line currently, including the Corporate Procurement internship. This is an annual summer internship that hires a team of interns for their Indianpolis, IN and Boulder, CO offices.

You learn about buying, merchandise planning, resource allocation, marketing objectives, corporate communications, legal, finance and accounting, digital marketing, and so much more.

This program is definitely for people who are curious about the world of sports fashion marketing. If you are interested, the internship pays up to $26,000 per year.